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Behold reader!

In the name of the crying elves,

In the name of the drunken dwarfs,

In the name of the blind, lost souls,

Behold reader, behold infected children of humanity…


Maybe you can find the meaning of life between these words,

Just maybe,

Maybe not…

When the wheel of the faith spins, a dose of reality kills the fantasy.

Then carry the gun,

To motive the bravery,

To live with the sins of your lost soul…

You’ll find drown reasons,

To live in,

To laugh in,

To believe in…

And between the wires of pain,

In the well of darkness;

Spend the time,

Spend the life,

Spend the love,

Spend alone…


Poet kills poems,

Indian kills totems…



Songs from the “Tales of Imagination”

Written by Bahadır İçel